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How does Latvian jazz sound?

How does Latvian jazz sound? It can sound quite gripping! At least that's the case with the Kristaps Vanadziņš Trio. The charismatic Latvian pianist and his two colleagues are playing a strong concert at the 21st edition of Riga's Ritmi, the country's biggest jazz event. Strong melodies, powerful interaction of the three musicians, interspersed with lyrical moments, fine songwriting, fresh sound images - listening to this trio is simply great fun. And whoever interprets Gershwin's classic “I Loves You, Porgy” in such a witty way at the end can be almost certain to get a lot of applause. Vanadziņš played in a hip location, right on the water, not far from the Daugava, the over 1000 kilometers long river that runs through Riga into the Baltic Sea. And the concerts in this cool, semi-open arts center were organized by the record label Jersika Records, which lives up to its name, as it only publishes vinyl. Mareks Ameriks founded his independent record label in 2017 with the idea of ​​recording predominantly completely analog in order to guarantee a warm, organic sound. And Mareks Ameriks has created a small festival within the festival with his stage this year to present his artists (..) -

Christoph Giese, Virgin Jazz Face


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